THE SEA. Plunge into the Cantabrian Sea! The beaches of the towns of Cueva, Cadavedo and the beautiful village of Luarca, also known by the locals as “Txuarca”, are only 10 minutes away from “El Romero”. The port, the fishmonger’s district, the old graveyard and the lighthouse are some of the angles from which you can admire the beauty of the Atlantic waters.
Go for a walk to the “Busto” Lighthouse (5 kms. away) and you will be able to experience a breathtaking sight.

THE BANKS OF THE ESVA. The Esva river begins to flow in the village of Tineo and then it crosses charming places like Trevías (3 kms. away) and Paredes (15 kms. away) to end up running into the Cantabrian Sea. This river full of salmons brings you the opportunity of crossing “The Esva Gorge”, a natural monument that flows surrounded by oak woods, birches and heather trees.

THE MOUNTAINS “The Paredes Valley” is the result of the Esva´s erosion and you will be able to wander along its natural terraces and to admire the beauty of its riverbed. There is always a moment to stop, relax and enjoy an orange juice freshly squeezed from the famous oranges that grow in this unique valley. The Prince of Asturias, who awarded Paredes the “Model Town 2001” distinction stated, “Preserving such a unique landscape and fine natural surroundings is not an easy task”.
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