“Asturias hides inside her natural caves, breathes through her soil, she rises majestically over her peaks, and she plunges into the void gliding over her cliffs. Asturias treats you to her fruits, quenches your thirst and gives you your strength back. Asturias revives the traveler´s soul”.

PROTECTED AREAS. Discover and enjoy the numerous natural treasures that can be found in Asturias. The Peaks of Europe, The Ponga Natural Park, The Jurassic Route, Covadonga Lakes, Cueva Rosa -The Pink Cave-, Llovio Cave, The Pria Jesters of Villanueva, The Trave of Cabrales, The “Angliru”, …

FOLKLORE. The Folklore of Asturias is among the oldest and most suggestive ones that you can find in Spain. In Asturias you will be able to discover traditional instruments like the so called “Pavella”, a saucepan that is played with a big key. You will also find the “Corno” or horn, the drums and the bagpipes. You can learn more about the last ones by visiting the local “Museum of the Bagpipe”. Explore and experience the Asturian traditional dances and its popular local celebrations like the ones happening in Lamuravela, Cudillero, the Fiesta of the Shepherd in Covadonga, or the Fiesta of Vaqueiros or cowboys in Luarca and Tineo.

GASTRONOMY. Beans with clams, Asturian rich stew of beans or “fabada asturiana”, fish stew or “caldereta”, vegetable and pulse stew, fresh fish, seafood, veal or “xatu”, ox stew, pork –black pudding, shoulder of pork-, game -big game is the speciality of the region-, different varieties of good quality cheese, deserts, …
Asturias will delight with its quality and variety the most particular gourmets.

Do not miss out the Pilgrimage of Saint Timothy.

One of the best things about Pilgrimages is that no matter what your age is you will have a brilliant time taking part in the local festivities.
This is exactly what happens at Saint Timothy, a beautiful regional Pilgrimage festivity. This festivity officially begins on the 21st of August with a great firework display. That day there is also a night festival with a great atmosphere and the previous days you will already feel the festive mood in the village and among its inhabitants.

The next day, the 22nd of August, you will wake up with the noise of firecrackers and the pipes being played by the pilgrims. Tradition makes them offer their music while they go to the Saint´s chapel up in the mountains. They pilgrims wear a traditional “Chambrón”, bring their pipes and have a big “T” made out of bread hanging from their neck as an offering to their Saint.

After a simple ceremony everybody goes out to the fields that surround the chapel and there they enjoy their lunches, snacks and home made cider in the company of their families, friends, neighbours, locals and foreigners. You will return to Luarca in the evening where you will find a great festival and a lot of cider to refresh yourself after the hot day. The “aguadores” will also trough water from the balconies while you dance until the early hours!

And, a cider to your health!!

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